‘The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power’.

Focus ahead – ignore the foreground!

I’m talking directly to YOU right now. Your decisions are based on your past. Your fears are also based on previous events and people. That has passed now! It has gone, and it cannot be changed. It is only your brains chemistry-set that creates the emotion in your body when you think back over these events. It is not real, but merely your irrational interpretation of the politics and emotions of pasts events. The events are emotionless, and the people don’t care – so why let it destroy you?


A question for YOU

In your life RIGHT NOW! Do you feel powerful in your physical body? Do you feel powerful in your internal chemistry (nutrition & fitness)? Do you feel powerful in your mind – thoughts – happiness – ambitions – confidence?

Think back to that moment. The power is still in you!

If the answer is a resounding YES! Then you merely need to maintain it. That is the easy bit. Becoming powerful in all three areas is the hard bit. Once you are there, you feel so powerful that the maintenance comes naturally to you. You may not even realise you did the daily maintenance required because of the power you sense. Maintain it otherwise it will wither. It is the most precious gift you have. Put up your ‘forcefield’ against the negatives around you, the processed foods, and those who would be happy to see you fail.

If the answer is NO! then you have an issue. If you don’t care, I’m not interested. Switch off this page – unsubscribe – I’m not talking directly to you right now!.

I’ll repeat it: ‘If the answer is NO! You have a problem because you will not be the best you can be or even the greatest that ever lived until you are powerful in all three areas. If you want to achieve your goals in life – in your sport – in your career you need to focus on ‘Self’.

No book, audio or plan you are executing right now can ever change you, until YOU have dealt with YOURSELF.

This is what I call the ‘Power Trifecta’. I believe, after twenty-five years of searching that we cannot be genuinely powerful in mind and body without having three systems in our body in equilibrium and homeostasis. These are:

Postural Balance – the internal biomechanics and especially pelvic balance. i.e. balance of the somatic nervous system, which communicates via the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system.
Body Chemistry – diet, nutrition, fitness and physiology. If your nutrition is not correct and you have food intolerances, and/or you are not healthy and fit, you cannot be powerful. The enteric nervous system of your gastrointestinal tract and the autonomic nervous system of your body also communicates with the central nervous system and the somatic nervous system.
Mind Optimisation – if your mind is not in harmony and the brain neurotransmitters are not in stasis, and the stress hormones are constantly in emergency mode then you are not powerful in your mind. This will upset the body’s chemistry set, and the whole nervous system is in a negative state.

This is the Power Trifecta.

All three have to be optimal to be truly powerful in life. It sounds complicated and it is, but please believe me when I tell you that you can be truly powerful in all three if you have the knowledge and the willingness to try.

Without mastering this as a whole, you cannot truly be powerful and become your best. The greatest athletes, footballers and business people and minds of the world have mastered all three, and that is why they are where they are. In a calm – healthy – powerful place!

If you are alive, why not strive for anything else? I am continually flabbergasted by the population who spend more time, money and energy on destroying their own Power Trifecta, than nurturing and caring for it. After all, it is the purest form of life itself and therein lies your true path to happiness.

I will be writing more about the Power Trifecta and offering solutions in time because it is the most essential part of my ‘life-being’ and I will share my discoveries in time.

Try this:

  • For only ten minutes today.
  • Turn off your electronics – TV, radio, mobile phone, close the laptop. Actually, switch them off!
  • Find a quiet space alone anywhere (even if it is in the car or bathroom).
  • Allow yourself to stare out of the window and let your mind drift on to anything at all.
  • Follow your thoughts as they drift around. Keep your eyes open for the first five minute and then close them for the second five minute. Follow the colour of your eyelids if you like.
  • Drift, relax and breath easy. Slow your heart rate.
  • Think of your favourite place. On the beech with a gentle breeze – sun on your face.


In this 10 minute, you have allowed your mind to remodel literally. There are 86 billion neurons in the brain. Each neuron has up to 10,000 connections. Congratulations you just gave your brain time to remodel in a positive way. It relaxed and gave you a dopamine release as a thank you, and now your serotonin and oxytocin level and slightly higher and you feel mindful and satisfied.

If you didn’t even find 10-minutes in your life to do that exercise on a daily basis, you have a problem, and you are not as happy as you can be.

BE POWERFUL Clifton Bradeley. I am so very grateful for your time today.

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