Born in the UK but raised in Australia there were some harsh and early lessons for a boy born into a family of ten that travelled the world following his father’s work. As a child it became apparent that Clifton had an insatiable drive and energy that meant he ran everywhere he went, but also did not sleep a great deal at night either.

Recognising this as an issue his parents enrolled him at the local athletics clubs in the hope that this tactic would exhaust his energy reserves. However, his running ambitions were only amplified because he very quickly became known as a potential Olympic athlete. Several national school.

How Would Glucosamine work for you?

Many of us have heard of, and indeed already take glucosamine as a supplement. I am certainly a fan and have been taking it for many years. Whether it’s been the reason why I’ve been running for over 40-years – who knows! However, something is working. So, what is...

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Life Goes Quickly, Prioritise Happiness

The end of yet another year. Christmas is here and a New Year dawns. I can't believe how fast time goes. Our lives are so busy that time just seems to pass by more quickly each year. But so do events – planned and otherwise – happy and tragic! I don't know about you,...

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Baking Soda, Could This Be Your Secret Ingredient?

By Kate Holt (International athlete) Buying recovery shakes, powders, gels and drinks can be expensive, but not all supplements have to be. If you are looking for a cheap way to improve your running performance, then taking a few minutes to read this article is...

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