Remember that feeling when you were at the planning stage in your head of how your dream job, promotion or new business was going to look like? You know, the bit right after making the decision to execute your dreams and say ‘YES, I’m going to be present in my own future and put in my best work, changing my destiny’.

And if we, the present didn’t have these ambitious goals projected ahead in our imagination of happy customers eager to put cash-flow through your point-of-sale, along with all of the rewards that follow our best work – then we would surely never start the process when the reality slaps us in the face.

Once the party of positive emotions in your head is over, and the clean-up starts. You sign your lease, pay your deposit, train your staff, call the utilities – the list goes. The cold harsh reality of the work ahead chills you like a Winter’s morning. The expectation of the dream doesn’t meet the reality of each day. There are no customers banging of your door to buy your goods and services.  In fact, it will never be that easy, but they will spend money. Once they believe in your integrity and ease of access to your door. Then once they are through your door, the floor is yours to put on the ‘best customer services show on earth’.

The fact is the promotion, career change, new business or whatever else you dreamt about in your pre-frontal cortex has a reality associated with it. Now the work begins! The problem solving, the tiredness, the stress, the humility and the loan account statement that says you have to achieve ‘X’ amount of income to meet the repayments – all begins.

You see, machine learning, artificial intelligence and smart contracts don’t need the frailty of human neurochemicals, but whilst we have them we still need to show up and execute our dreams in the temporal space that is being human.

You didn’t lie to your subconscious about your dreams! You just didn’t explain how long the journey was going to take. And if you do it right, there are lots of rewards to come along the way, but you need to be present every day to get them.

There is one certainly that is – whilst the geophysics of our planet is equal amongst all people, there is a metabolism to be fed, and time exists – we all have the same barriers to our dreams. The barrier being work. We are all present together and you are not alone in your struggles to achieve greatness. In fact, you don’t qualify for greatness without the struggles.

TOMORROW I TALK ABOUT: ‘Develop a fear of mediocracy…and another hand-picked funny video.


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