What will you say to yourself one year from now?

You can change this! But it has to be you that does it.

Fast forward to one year from now. Do you want to be in precisely the same position as you are today? Do you want to feel the same in your body? Do you want to be in the same relationship or house? Do you want to feel the same in your head and do you want to be as successful as you are today?

Whatever the answer is – I have news for you. You need to change anyway. Whether the answer is YES or NO, you need to plan ahead to either change your life or remain the same, even if you are currently happy. Changing your life takes work, so imagine where you want to be in one year and plan backwards from then to now, and implement the changes in stages to achieve what you want your life to look like in a year.

Jump forward one year

It’s been a year, and nothing has changed. You are either happy, or you are not! What is it? Think about it now! One year ago you either hated something about your life or loved it, and didn’t need to change. But wait! You did nothing to change your life right! Or you didn’t maintain the happy situation or relationship you were in a year ago, and now things have changed for the worse. Whether you are happy or not your life requires planning and maintenance. Otherwise your life becomes that silver ball in a pinball machine that gets bounced randomly from obstacle to obstacle, and someone else is pulling the shots. It’s too late – you can’t ask for your money back because you had one shot. Time only moves forwards, yesterday is history – good or bad.
Fear and complacency stopped you from making the change. You didn’t do the maintenance on your happiness. You didn’t even try. Nothing has improved in your life. You have the same daily routine, and you still don’t like it. You think about what you’ve done in a year, and you can’t think of anything that you’re proud of. You’re more upset at yourself because it’s been a year and everything is the same.

The good news is that one year from now hasn’t happened yet 🙂

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can make the changes required to become happy again, but if you choose the current path you’re on now, nothing will change, and you will remain in repeat mode.

If you decide to do nothing, there is 100% chance that you will feel the same way one year from now. Do you really want that? You will have the same feelings about your job and life. Your level of unhappiness will be the same because your happy hormones will still be in low production.

If you make the decision to do nothing except continue what you’re doing, then nothing will change, and you would have accepted the pinball machine lifestyle all over again. I’m talking about your diet, your lack of personal development, your lack of ambition, your habits, what you do when you wake up, what you do when you get home, and what choices you make.

Are you happy with that? Is that what you want? I know it’s not. The time is NOW!

Clifton Bradeley


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