If you are going to train to be a doctor you spend 5 years in medical school and if you pass your exams someone one-day around that time says ‘you’re a doctor now go and treat people and make them better’. But if you are an entrepreneur, you are an entrepreneur instantly. You can execute your ideas now because there is no limiting prerequisite to practice unlike a doctor before qualifying. The doctor has to undergo at least 5-years of training before he can start his best work. An entrepreneur can start his best work right now. The entrepreneur has endless opportunities to innovate, inspire, sell, network and create and have an impact on the world. The big question is are you going to do it? because unlike the medical student there is nothing stopping you. The medical student can’t legally practice until they have their degree, insurance and membership to all kinds of organisations including the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) before they can even start work.

This gives you an immense advantage over people who have entered into the process of a professional or vocational career, whether it be in medicine, physiotherapy, accountancy or plumbing etc. They are still business people like you, but they don’t have the early user advantage that you have, especially is you doing something innovative. In fact, it gets even harder for them because someone has been there before. Doctors and other professionals have been around for decades so that they have to try and re-invent their space which is difficult. There are only so many ways you can pull out a tooth as a dentist. The entrepreneur’s idea might be so unique and innovative that no one has done it before, which brings us back to the big question. Are you going to do it?

Having this insight into knowing you are an entrepreneur instantly should inspire you to start creating right now. But will you? You should because now you know that there is no excuse not to start.  You are in a privilege position the very fact that you call yourself an entrepreneur, and you are free. How lucky are you to be able to start!

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