So, you become successful and important. You might even become famous.

It might last a moment or it might last a lifetime. What do you do with it? Do you let it make you mindful or do you let it create a mind-full of self-indulgence? Either way your pre-frontal cortex projects ahead like a ‘mental sketch pad’. How should you behave now you have a new contract with your public? Not the sort of contract put in ‘heads of terms’, but the kind of contract in ‘terms of your head’ and how you react to the increased attention.

This is the ‘acid test’ of your new-found status. You can become an ‘ass’ and internalise your own importance and react from your limbic system as a selfish ‘jerk’, or you become truly mindful projecting outside of yourself and give more. Even more that you did before your success.

Don’t measure your success in material and monetary terms. You can’t take wealth with you. The Egyptians tried and they got robbed. But measure your success by the amount that you give of yourself to others, like Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. A working-class hero of mine and a true gent. Watch how he reacted to Doris who had waited patiently in the crowd to meet her hero (see below).

  • When you have more, behave like you have less.
  • Be the last to speak in a group.
  • Ask about others and not tell them what you have achieved.
  • Behave more ordinary when you become more important.
  • Follow these simple rules and you will truly become successful in life.

‘Don’t be known for the narrative of your success, but the actions of your popularity’.

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