I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your feedback on my blog.

I’ve had loads of comments from really positive to unsubscribes.

I’ve loved writing them and my motives are to help people – if I can, and I’m also learning lots from the research. I love the whole motivation and encouragement – way of dealing with people. I have been through a lot in my life and had success, failure and made mistakes. I feel like I need to put something back-in to help people, especially young people in this crazy new world. If you have any requests for content or a story that needs telling then please let me know.

The content will:

  • Talk about the biology of human behaviour around success, failure and motivation.
  • Talk about what is happening in the world of science in this area – interesting facts and links for you to explore further.
  • Real life stories and what we can take from them.
  • I want to put humour in there too, because I can’t be serious for too long as my friends already know. Expect some off-the-wall comments – so I’ll apologise now!
  • Video links to some interesting content.

Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it.




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