How fired up and motivated are you feeling today? Can you feel your energy levels at an all-time high and do you know exactly what to do right now to execute your strategic plans and dominate your market? WHAT NO! That’s a shame, but never mind there is always tomorrow or next week.

Today, I’m not feeling that motivated either. I’ve had a steady week and I wanted a regular day. Truth is, it was out of my control. My positive hormones had a day off and failed to tell me. Given that one of my passions is motivating and inspiring others, I feel completely comfortable when I have a day like today i.e. a little flat. I just don’t want a regular day like this every day because I want to build my business. I don’t get stressed when my biology is less motivated than my normal mental state. This feeling shortly passes and I’m back to feeling fired up again.

You see a day or even a week of feeling low does not define the rest of your life. So, when you are feeling guilty and wondering how every body else makes consistent progress every day and you don’t, well truth be told they don’t. They have the same problems, emotions and challenges that you do. If we have a day when we’re not inspired, we think something is wrong.

It’s normal for anyone you admire and even your heroes to have low points or long periods of nothing – that’s the actual norm. The highlighted images you see online of the people you follow is what’s not normal. No one lives the perfect life like it appears online.

The cameras are only with these people of influence some of the time. What you didn’t see was them taking a dump or having an argument with their partner, or the kids screaming on the way to school. All you saw was a highly edited image of what they wanted you to see so they could send you to a landing page, put up a payment wall and monetize you.

What the internet really needs is more of the truth. That is, more people talking about what goes wrong, more people documenting what’s really happening. In simple terms, the internet needs less perceived perfection and success, and more of what’s real like disappointment, screw-ups and challenges.

The tough times is where you learn

It’s during the moments of zero inspiration, and low points that we discover who we are. It’s in our weakest moments that our strength, resilience and courage is built. At some stage in the near future I’m going to write about how to deal with failure and how you can become stronger and wise from unexpected events that knock you sideways.  In my business career I’ve had some major screw-ups and I had zero choice but to piece things back together, manage the cash-flow and take a single small step at a time towards redressing the balance and steadying the ship. The only way to do this is to face the problem head-on and take small steps to address it. It always comes good in the end if you don’t sweep it under the carpet.

“Motivation comes from eating crap for dinner every day of the week and still persisting with your goals”

So, in summary I’ve written this blog today not feeling like my usual inspirational self but I committed myself to this project on writing every day for a year and if I walk away I’ve failed.

The pain of writing this today only lasted a few minutes but the pain and guilt I would feel for failing to reach my goal would last a life time and now I’m finished writing for the day and got the better of my biology has just given me a dopamine rush and the mist has cleared. Thank you pre-frontal cortex and goodbye limbic system.

TOMORROW I TALK ABOUT: Leaving people better than you find them.

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