We become what we think about”.Earl Nightingale

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So, so true. As children we are the sum total of our parents and the environment in which we are raised. As adults we are the sum total of our peers. If our sum totals are all depressed, then you will become depressed. If your sum total are all positive, working hard and striving to succeed, then you will be inspired to do the same. I have most definitely changed my life for the better by seeking out many different positive influences in my life, and I love this gift to myself. We are so much useful to society, our customers, our family by being positive. Why would you want to be anything else? Aristotle said “Life is short, art is long”. Your life is short BE POSITIVE! If you just can’t, as me for help and I’ll explain to you want I do.

Another from Aristotle, and I love this so much! “Happiness depends on ourselves”. What a wise dude J

Clifton Bradeley

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