The world is changing and the young are making the change happen. 

Creativity, millennial attitudes and a decentralised focus on future trends like the blockchain. The smartphone savvy is saying NO! After all it’s their future and the marginalised will no longer be on the fringe nor will they sit on the fence. Tribes now have a place.

There used to be only a handful of TV channels to choose from and if you viewed the content your horizons were limited by what the men-in-suits chose for your viewing. This meant that we had a skewed view of the world and a limited number of products to be brainwashed by from corporate giants. This was mainstream TV with no place for the ‘weird’ and the unusual.

The change is that there are now millions of TV channels across the world and internet. This means that now everybody has a chance to be creative and the ‘weird’ have found a home where other ‘weird’ people hang-out and this has created opportunity and a place in the market to sell what your tribe needs. The men-in-suits and corporate giants are worried because you now create better than they do.

In summary:

  1. Find something that needs changing.
  2. Create a tribe and appeal to their needs.
  3. Feed your tribe with content and creativity.
  4. Grow your tribe into a movement and change the world.
  5. The commercial success will follow.

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