Success does not always come by chance. You have to plan for it most of the time.

When you were a child, it just happened to you as a consequence of your actions. A child’s face when they receive an unexpected award or certificate of achievement is so delightful as it reflects the sheer excitement of unexpected success. You lose the surprise of success as adults because more often than not you have to plan for it. You have to define what success means in the ‘mental sketch pad’ of your prefrontal cortex. The image should be so vivid and palpable that you feel compelled to move towards it by your actions and planning. That is why people put in the work to achieve them because the image is so bright and the results so life-changing.

Focus on the goal

So, how do you start the work to move towards your goals when they are so far away from them.

Sometimes the work can take hours, days, weeks, months and even years to achieve before you bath in the glory of success. With such a mammoth daunting task ahead of you the only thing you can do is start, and start now by taking a one-single step towards them. You take one step, and then another and before you know it you have taken several steps, each in the correct direction and now you are closer than you were a few steps before. Striving for success almost feels like you can reach out and touch it.

You have to feel a culture of success around you, and you have to see success in your mentor to inspire you to do the same.

Being able to discuss and learn from another successful person is not only a way of learning practical tips but a source of contacts and inspiration. You have to see what it means to be successful and the rewards it brings by observing it in your home, in your street, in your neighbourhood, and in your friends. Then that feeling needs to be fed and nurtured by your family, friends, school, spouse or colleagues. Otherwise, the feeling will fade. The fire in your belly has to be fed by networking, working towards your goal one step at a time, reading the right books, listening to right podcasts and reading the right blogs. Hello! 🙂

The pain of taking the effort and putting in the work might last an hour, a day, a week or even a year but it will pass, and you will get on the other side of it and bath in the success. But the feeling of failure when you don’t take the opportunity will last a lifetime. Success allows you to have the confidence and comfort to move onto the next task. Even more significant tasks that take an even more considerable effort to achieve, but now you know what it feels like to succeed you will smash the next one.

Failing is fine and recommended from time to time to remind you how special it is to succeed, but you have to get on your feet and push on. There are two types of failure. One will paralyze you, and the other will make you even stronger. They are both the same, but how you react to it makes them different. Keep focused on the end game, and the feelings around failure will fade so that you can fight another day.

Plan – Act – Learn – Succeed

Clifton Bradeley



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